The Unseeing Touch


Unfeeling touches surround me

Unseeing eyes blanket my soul

In the cusp of the day when all is new

Walk the spirits before they sleep

Seeing and being seen

Feeling and being felt

Until eyes open and all is dispersed.

Final Escape


Final EscapeI deem a story is great when its idea and/or its characters leave a lasting impression. “Final Escape” is one of those films that has embedded its plot twist securely within my memory. It was written by Thomas H. Cannan Jr. and Randall Hood.

The original script was broadcast February 21, 1964 as part of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The main character—the prisoner—was male in this version. The one I recall as a young girl was released in 1985, and a woman stood in place of the male convict.

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Gardening for Her Life


My short story “Gardening for Her Life” was recently published on Smashwords. It’s available in several eBook formats including ePub, Kindle (mobi) and PDF. The cost per download is 99 cents.

With the release of “Gardening for Her Life” through this outlet, I also had the opportunity for an interview for Smashwords. It is found here.

My Smashwords author page is here.

“Gardening for Her Life” summary: Margaret Saunders is a professional gardener who undertakes a personal interest in the lives of her clients. She retains knowledge of their favourite flowers, which plants trigger their allergies and what secrets they require to bury perpetually. When Ralph Burgess’ lover disappears, the citizens of East Pleasant Harbour point fingers. One however looks for a more down to earth solution.

Gardening for Life Cover - Smashwords LG

Light Workers: Paranormal Investigation


spiritsAccording to their website, the Light Workers: Paranormal Investigation (LWPI) is a group of like-minded individuals based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, who bring their interest of the Paranormal into the public eye. They investigate historic locations and private homes around the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Their goal is to collect scientific evidence to prove or disprove ghost or spirit activity. Anyone who is interested in this group investigating paranormal activity can contact them for further details.

Links from the LWPI website delivers visitors to their Facebook page as well as their YouTube channel where there are several videos taken during their investigations.



hikerMy first journey into the earth happened many years ago, but I can still feel the chilly sensation kissing my skin from the damp air inside the limestone cavern. The feeling ignited from standing underground is not one easily forgotten. But unlike those who go below to work, I went to explore and seek the thrill of adventure, and I relished the idea of what was beyond the light cast by my lamp.

I learned at this time I was a spelunker, and the exploring I was doing was spelunking.

Spelunking: the hobby or practice of exploring caves (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). It was first known to be used in 1944. Perhaps the Second World War influenced the term.

From movies, television and books, I had an idea of the appearance of the inside of a cave, but until I entered one, I had no idea how I’d feel. The first cavern was so large only the strongest flashlights illuminated the ceiling and none reached to the depths of the other side where we were to trek to continue our journey.

The time had come for me to stand in awe of the great world beneath our feet, and go where my dreams had only taken me.